New version of slicd, a simple lightweight Linux cron daemon

Time for a new release of slicd - a simple lightweight Linux cron daemon - with fixes regarding DST handling and the addition of a new per-job "special DST" mode, amongst other things.

DST handling

By default, slicd handles DST in the simplest way, and one that (I believe) makes most sense: by doing nothing special at all. For example, if time jumps backwards an hour going from 02:59 to 02:00, and a job is meant to run at minute 30 of every hour, it'll run "again" at 02:30 - as it is meant to.

However, there might be case where one wants a special handling, to not "repeat" a job when DST gets deactivated (i.e. time jumps backwards), or to run jobs "missed" on activation, during the jump forward.

This may now be enabled in slicd as well, on a per-job basis, either for deactivation only, activation only, or both, via a simple prefix of the hour field.

Refer to slicd-parser(1) and slicd-sched(1) for more.

Non-DST related

slicd-parser now also supports, for every time-and-date field, prefix ! to invert matching values E.g. using !15,20 for day of the month means every day of the month but the 15th and 20th; Or !Mon as day of the week means every day of the week but Mondays.

Lastly, a new tool - slicd-dump - was added to print in human-readable fashion the content of compiled crontabs.

Downloads and whatnot

See slicd for a description & all the links you should need.

Please note that obviously the internal format of compiled crontabs changed, so make sure to re-compile them (i.e. run slicd-parser again) before you restart slicd-sched (and don't use slicd-dump on old ones, as you'd get incorrect data).

And of course, as always, new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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