StatusNotifier v1.0.0 released !

As long last, a new version of statusnotifier is out! This has been due for a (very) long time, and it's finally arrived. Many thanks to everyone who helped, especially contributors Bradley Xu and Vladimir Perepechin, and apologies it took so long for a release to happen.

As you've no doubt noticed, this is version 1.0.0 -- Two reasons for that: one, it's indeed considered stable; And two, it comes with a soname bump and incompatibility with the previous version.

First off, the (breaking) bad

Unfortunately in order to follow more closely the GObject conventions when it comes to naming things, some renaming had to be done. And because those conventions become pretty much requirements for introspection to work nicely, and e.g. provide a way to use statusnotifier from other languages (e.g. Perl), it was needed to break things.

Mainly, the main typedef - StatusNotifier - was renamed to StatusNotifierItem and alongside every single function was renamed from status_notifier_XXX to status_notifier_item_XXX (Typical GObject macros were also renamed, notably TYPE_STATUS_NOTIFIER became STATUS_NOTIFIER_TYPE_ITEM.)

There was no other change, only typedef/functions/macros renamed, so fixing code written for previous version is only a matter or search&replace.

Note that a statusnotifier-compat.h is provided, that defines a bunch of macros and should allow old code to keep working without any changes required, only this extra include. As a transitional aid of sorts.

Then some good, too

This wasn't all for nothing though, and a new configure option --enable-introspection will generate the needed filed to allow the use of statusnotifier from other languages, which is nice. And thanks to Frédéric Buclin for his help.

Unrelated to all this, but still good news: there is now optional support for DBus menu (via libdbusmenu), which means when enabled that you can simply provide a GtkMenu to statusnotifier, and it'll be passed via DBus to the StatusNotifierHost which will then handle showing the menu upon user interaction.

Lastly, a new property item-is-menu has been added, as it was added to the specifications, to let the StatusNotifierHost know that it should prefer showing the menu (when set via DBus) or trigger context-menu instead of activate.

Of course a few bugs were fixed here & there, notibaly possibly using wrong scroll orientation and getting/setting property window-id; See git log for more.

Downloads and whatnot

See statusnotifier for longer description & all the links you should need.

And of course, as always, new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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