kalu 4.2.0 is out, speaks Spanish

About time a new release of kalu was made, so here it is! Apart from a few bugs being fixed, this release sees a couple of command-line options mainly useful for CLI use, and the addition of Spanish to the list of languages supported by kalu thanks to pepecuis!

Main changes since last version:

  • kalu: Add --tmp-dbpath and --keep-tmp-dbpath

Mainly useful for CLI use (or not?), to be able to keep & re-use the tmp dbs over time, much like the GUI does during its run.

  • Support disabling auto-checks (via Interval = 0)

  • news: Fix issue if title needs trimming..

..that is, if a news title (used to determine whether it has been read or not) could be trimmedg, there was an issue because titles read from news.conf are trimmed, so the two wouldn't match, and the news incorrectly considered unread.

To fix this we trim the titles read from the XML (RSS feed) as well.

Thanks to Ada Joule; Also adam777 for the report.

  • Update French translation

  • doc: Adjust example path about custom icons

  • doc: List options in alphabetical order

  • Some other fixes (see git log for details)

Downloads and whatnot

See kalu for a description & all the links you should need.

And of course, as always, new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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