dapper 0.1.2 released

As I explained before, I don't use a session manager, and when I needed something to take care of handling the autostart of Desktop applications for me, and couldn't find anything what I wanted, I made dapper.

Until now it only followed the FreeDesktop specifications, that is started things according to .desktop files found in user & system autostart folders. In that order, in fact.

Version 0.1.2 now works differently, introducing options allowing you to decide which folders should be processed :

--system-dirs to process system (XDG_CONFIG_DIRS) autostart folders

--user-dir to process user (XDG_CONFIG_HOME) autostart folder

--extra-dir PATH to process the specified PATH (not an autostart subfolder)

Bonus: process will happen in the same order the options were specified.

This turns out to be pretty useful to me, because I really don't like to have thing autostarted when I open a new session, I like things to stay fast & clean.

(So I'm all for pulse or the PolicyKit agent to be started, but not much else, for instance. That's done with a clean ~/.config/autostart and dapper -su on session openning)

However, I do start a few of the same applications every single time : web browser, file manager, e-mail reader, kalu, etc

So now, I just made myself a new folder (~/.local/autostart) where I put symlinks to .desktop files of those very applications. And when I want to start it all, instead of doing it manually for each of them, I just start dapper -e ~/.local/autostart and voilà!

Note: dapper doesn't actually resolve the tilde (~) to your home folder. That is if you were, as I did, to create a .desktop file to start this in a single click on a menu item, make sure to specify the full actual path, e.g: dapper -e /home/jjacky/.local/autostart

Also worth mentionning a few bugs have been fixed, notably dapper would crash if the config file couldn't be opened, or a folder to be processed did not exist (fixed in 0.1.1); and parsing fields was actually quite buggy/not working (fixed in 0.1.2).


dapper is released under GNU GPL v3+ The source code is available on this BitBucket repository, where the issue tracker welcomes bugs/suggestions.

The release tarball can be downloaded here; and Arch Linux users can use the PKGBUILD in the AUR.

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