kalu 1.2.0 released

A new version of kalu - upgrade notifier for Arch Linux - has been released.

Changes since last version are :

  • Instead of hard-coded use of xdg-open, one can now define the command line to be used when a link is clicked (in news). Variable $URL will be replaced by the URL to be opened.

    Additionally an error message will now be shown in case of failure.

  • On the command line to be executed on AUR upgrades, a variable $PACKAGES can now be used. It will be replaced by the list (space separated) of all AUR packages for which an upgrade is available.

  • It is now possible to have kalu re-show all notifications from the last ran checks. New option is available in the menu, and as action on single/double click.

    All notifications from the last ran checks will be shown as they were originally (including action buttons), including any error notifications.

    Notifications are removed/altered as needed. For instance, when marking watched (AUR) packages/news, the corresponding last notification will be removed (if nothing remains unread/unmarked), or altered to inform that running checks again is required (also, the button is gone).

    It should be noted that the tooltip doesn't display status from the last ran check, but last known info. Meaning if the last checks failed (e.g. Internet connection was down), the tooltip will still show data from the (successful) check before, while re-show will only show the error notification(s).

  • Fixed a bug in marking watched (AUR) packages, where garbage could end up as new version number.

  • News parser now handles "all" kinds of new lines (<br >, <br / >, etc)

  • kalu's updater: error messages of 1024+ characters are no longer being truncated

  • kalu's source code moved from a mercurial repo (https://bitbucket.org/jjacky/kalu) to a git one (https://github.com/jjk-jacky/kalu)

  • Added option --enable-git-version to configure. When enabled, the version used in kalu (and man page) will come from git describe ran at compile/make time.

Downloads and whatnot

Thanks to all those who reported bugs or suggested features.

kalu is released under GNU GPL v3+ The source code is available on this GitHub repository, where bugs/suggestions can be added to the issue tracker.

The release tarball can be downloaded here; You can also find a PKGBUILD in the AUR.

And of course, as always, new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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