Wanna try pacman 4.1 (and still use kalu) ?

As you've probably heard, the next version of pacman is coming, and you can try the first RC.

Because API changes are introduced, whatever uses libalpm will require not only to be rebuild against the new library, but is likely to need code adjustements as well.

This was obviously the case for kalu, and everything should be done & ready. I've been using it for a little while now, and now that rc1 is out I've pushed it (in the next branch) on github, so you can test the next pacman while still enjoying kalu.

All you need is to build kalu using the next branch from github, which as always you can do using PKGBUILD like this one, which has been modified to include a dependency on pacman 4.1.

There shouldn't really be anything noticable from using kalu, as changes were mostly behind-the-scenes stuff. The only real change you might see in kalu is a new step during an upgrade: "Checking keyring"

If you notice any problems/bugs (related or not to API changes), let me know.

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