kalu 2.4.0 released

A new version of kalu is available, with a few fixes, more visibility for the system upgrade simulation feature introduced in 2.3.0, and the addition of FIFO commands.

FIFO commands will allow you to send commands to a running kalu simply by writing text to its FIFO. One use for this might be to assign keyboard shortcuts to some common commands, so you can e.g. (un)pause kalu, run the checks or start a sysupgrade from your keyboard, instead of having to go click on the systray icon.

More detailled changelog:

  • Add FIFO to send commands to kalu

    On start a FIFO named kalu_fifo_XXXX (where XXXX is kalu's process id) will be created under $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR. One can write to this FIFO to send commands to kalu, to e.g. run checks, start a sysupgrade, etc

    This allows to use kalu without the need to click its systray icon/menu, even from keyboard shortcuts.

  • Watched (AUR) packages: Include packages not found in results

    They have "package not found" as description, and "-" as new version.

  • Add a new notification for packages not found in AUR

    When checking the AUR, any and all packages not found will now be listed in an additionnal notification. This allows to catch e.g. when a package might have been renamed/removed.

    Note that such packages should be put on the ignore list, to avoid useless querying of the AUR.

  • Promote "sysupgrade simulation" a bit

    Make it possible to start a sysupgrade simulation from menu, clicks on the systray icon and via FIFO command

  • kalu updater: Add download/install/net sizes to kalu's log

  • Fix possibly trying to start a sysupgrade while busy

  • Update French translation

  • Remove config tweak ForceImages (Images are now always shown)

  • Add option (NotificationIconSize) to define the size of icons used on notifications

  • Some other fixes (see git log for details)

Downloads and whatnot

Thanks to all those who reported bugs or suggested features, and to Kolibry for the updated French translation.

See kalu for longer descriptions & all the links you should need.

And of course, as always, new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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