How to use kalu, PkgClip & pacdep with pacman 5

As you may know, pacman 5.0 was just released (and is available in testing) so you might want to give it a try (and play with hooks) !

To do so, here's what you need to know wrt my tools:

  • kalu : if you build it without the updater (--disable-updater) (or without GUI altogether, of course) then a simple rebuild should be enough. With the updater however, a few changes are in order and a branch pacman-5 has been pushed to github. Simply use the PKGBUILD for kalu-git, making sure to update the branch name - and the dependencies (to pacman>=5.0 and pacman<5.1) - and you're good.

  • PkgClip : isn't affected by the API changes, so a simple rebuild to link against the new libalpm is enough. Though a new version is due, and I recommend using the PKGBUILD for pkgclip-git to build from branch next to get the latest bugfixes.

  • pacdep : same as PkgClip, a simple rebuild against the new libalpm will do the trick.

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