anopa 0.4.0 released

A new version of anopa - init system/service manager built around s6 supervision suite - has been released. Main changes since 0.3.0 are :

  • Change how the logging works: instead of logging into /run/initramfs/boot.log in stage 1 & 2, and using aa-mvlog to move said file to /var/log/boot at the end of stage 2, now stage 1 & 2 (much like stage 3) log directly into /var/log/boot/current

    As a special treat however, stage 1 will first check for a file /run/initramfs/boot.log and import its content into /var/log/boot/current if found.

    That way everything from stage 1 is logged into persistent storage, and the whole process is simpler.

  • status: Longrun services now have a "Mode" w/ "Automatic restart (want up)" or "Once (want down)" when they're up (doesn't make sense when they're not). In list mode, only show "Once" next to the PID when needed.

    Also add mention "To be restarted" for down services that s6-supervise shall be restarting soon, after finish is done and/or the 1sec delay. Useful to see when e.g. a service keeps failing to start/be restarted.

  • stop: Fix unable to stop service that keeps crashing.

  • stop: Change how --all works: Now it only means stopping all up services, nothing else. When specified a second time, then mode "stop-all" is enabled, which means:

    • for all down services, send 'x' to their s6-supervise
    • send 'dx' instead of 'd' to the s6-supervise of up services
    • ignore dependency error (i.e. always stop everything)

    So same as before, only with stopping s6-supervise of down services, to properly bring the entire supervised tree down (assuming s6-svscan is down already, ofc).

A few other changes & fixes as well, see HISTORY or the git log for more.

Note that s6 dependency was bumped to s6 for the ftrigrd fix.

Downloads and whatnot

See anopa for longer description & all the links you should need. If you've never used anopa and are wondering about how to go at it, you can check out this example about making an anopa-powered bootable ISO

And of course, as always, new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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