dapper: Desktop Applications Autostarter

Latest version: 1.0.0

The latest version of dapper can be downloaded here. For Arch Linux users, the AUR has a PKGBUILD.

You can find the source code on this GitHub, where you can also report bugs, send suggestions or other (constructive) feedback.

What is dapper ?

dapper is a simple lightweight desktop application auto-starter. It will read .desktop files in the autostart directories, all according to the FreeDesktop autostart specifications.

You can define which desktop to start applications for (e.g. GNOME, XFCE, etc) in configuration file (~/.config/dapper.conf) or from command line.

Note that autostarting desktop application is probably already taken care of if you do use a desktop environment/session manager.

Read more about dapper

You can check out the following blog posts, or head over this topic on Arch Forums.

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