kalu could speak your language!

The next version of kalu - upgrade notifier for Arch Linux - is almost ready, and one of the changes it will introduce, is support for internationalization.

In other words, kalu is ready to speak your language!

Source code has been (reorganized and) modified to use gettext, it's ready, all it needs now to speak other languages, are translations.

So, if you like kalu but would like it better if it spoke your language, please consider translating it.

Create a translation

If you want to translate kalu and are alredy familiar with the whole gettext process, you probably know better than I do what to do.

If not, here's a little guide that should allow anyone to make a translation :

First, clone the git repo (brach next) and prepare things :

git clone https://github.com/jjk-jacky/kalu.git -b next
cd kalu
cd po
make kalu.pot

Then create a new PO file for your locale using msginit : msginit

If you want to create a translation for another locale than your current one, you'll simply have to use option -l, e.g. for French (fr) : msginit -l fr

Edit the generated .po file (using your editor of choice), translating each msgid in the corresponding msgstr. (Also make sure to check the comments on top, including your name, email, etc. It's also recommended to use UTF-8 as charset.)

Edit LINGUAS and add the language code (name of the .po file, without .po) on a new line.

To test your translation, first make the .gmo file for your translation, e.g: make fr.gmo

Then you'll have to build & install kalu, as usual. You can create yourself a PKGBUILD to do so, see this one as example, and simply update the _gitroot variable to point to your local clone. (Make sure to have committed your changes to LINGUAS and your new .po file.)

Just start kalu, and it should speak your language. Note that if writing a translation for a locale other than your current one, you'll have to specify it on launch, e.g: LANG=fr_FR.utf8 kalu (Also note that you might have to re-generate your locales to include it.)

When you're satisfied with the translation, simply send it over to have it included in the next release. You can :

  • Fork kalu of github and send a pull request; Or
  • Host the .po file somewhere and open an issue with a link; Or
  • Send me the file via email
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