kalu 2.1.0 and PkgClip 1.2.1 are out

Couple of updates are available. Nothing new for pkgclip, just minor tweaks in the code and a little rewrite to move the process of loading packages into a separate thread. This should ensure the GUI doesn't get somewhat unresponsive during that time, and even make things be/feel a bit faster.

As far as kalu goes, a couple new options were added as well as a tweak that might be helpful for those using notify-osd as notification daemons (which has the unfortunate idea of turning notifications with action buttons into non-expiring windows).

And it also includes changes to reflect the latest changes in the API introduced with pacman 4.1.1.

Also, both of those see their option "SaneSortOrder" disappear, since there's actually a GTK+ option (in GTK3) that allows to do the same (but for all GTK3 applications!), so better to use that: gtk-alternative-sort-arrows

In case you're interrested, that means simply edit/create the file ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and put this in: [Settings] gtk-alternative-sort-arrows=true Unfortunately, I don't think there's such a thing for GTK2. (If I'm wrong about this, please let me know!)

kalu 2.1.0

Changes since last version are :

  • Add new option on single/double-click to exit kalu

  • Add support of middle-click on the systray icon

  • kalu-updater: Change the way expander (Log) behaves: It wasn't very nice whenever the paned position was changed, with regards to resizing the toplevel window. Now it won't resize it, and should remember the last used positions (expanded & collapsed). Still not perfect, but better.

  • Preferences: Reset timeout for next auto-checks after a save

  • Add config tweak NotifButtons to remove buttons from all notifications (So notify-osd doesn't turn notifications into non-expiring windows.)

  • Remove option SaneSortOrder; It's useless, since GTK3 actually has an option of its own for that.

  • kalu-dbus: ALPM_QUESTION_LOCAL_NEWER was removed from ALPM in libalpm 8.0.1 (pacman 4.1.1)

  • Update French translation to 2.0.1

pkgclip 1.2.1

Changes since last vesion are :

  • Loading packages is now done in a separate thread, so it should be/feel faster

  • Remove option "sane sort indicator"

Downloads and whatnot

Thanks to all those who reported bugs or suggested features.

Longer descriptions & all the links you should need can be found for kalu and pkgclip.

And of course, as always, new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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