kalu 4.0.0, PkgClip 1.3.0 released

As I don't doubt you're aware, pacman 5.0 is out. I managed to take some time and here we go with new releases for kalu & PkgClip -- though, really, only the former has a link to the new pacman, since as said before PkgClip wasn't actually affected by the API changes.

(For pacdep: API changes aren't relevant, so a simple rebuild will do the trick. No new version coming as of yet.)

PkgClip 1.3.0

A new version of pkgclip was in order for a while, and this seemed a good excuse to finally get to it. If you've been building from branch next on github then there's likely nothing new for you, but main changes since the last version are :

  • Reset ALPM on reload (in case of config/DB update)

E.g. after a sysupgrade it's no longer needed to restart PkgClip to have it use the latest DB.

  • Fix possible memory leak

  • Add option to remove matching .sig files (enabled by default)

  • Fix scrolling on going prev/next package w/ GTK+3.14

  • Fix possible segfault

kalu 4.0.0

As for kalu, a new version was also due -- I somehow managed to not release a single version in 2015, even though a few things were done along that year. I'll try to do better in the future... Anyhow, main changes since 3.0.0 are :

  • Major version bump for compatibility with API changes of pacman 5.0

  • Fix possible double-free memory when parsing config

When processing "Include" directives from pacman.conf with multiple matches there was a risk of double-free memory attempt.

  • updater: Show download progress for deltas; Support multiple downloads (deltas) for one package

It is possible that the download size for a package upgrade isn't that of one file, but multiple - in case of deltas.

Make sure the progress bar reflect the actual size of the current download, and only toggle the color once all downloads are done.

  • Add AutoShowLog tweak for kalu's updater

  • Fix nb of sync dbs in tooltip

  • Watched AUR: Fix segfault when no description (Thanks to 0strodamus)

  • watched: Add support for repo/package

This allows to have kalu watch for a given package in a specific repo, instead of using the usual "first repo where package is found" logic.

This could be useful when e.g. one has a repo like testing enabled, but wants to watch packages from core.

Note that the package name (i.e. $PKG) will be kept as "repo/package" to indicate the "restriction" that was in effect.

  • Rework how templates are saved/shown in preferences

Couple things happened here. First off, the way things worked wasn't how things were happening in the preferences window:

    • in kalu.conf, no option meant default, or fallback if there's none; an option w/out value meant fallback; and an option w/ a value to use said custom value.
    • However, in Prefs. it was only a custom value, or fallback. Any default being saved as custom value instead.

This was fixed, making the Prefs. window actually reflect how things actually work in the conf file.

Also, we now introduce for each field a new "source" option (e.g. TitleSce) that can be DEFAULT or CUSTOM for titles, because titles do not have fallbacks anymore (it never really made sense anyways) and always have a default (for that same reason).

For other fields (Package & Sep) it can be DEFAULT, FALLBACK, CUSTOM or NONE. (Noting that they all have a default and/or a fallback, i.e. not always both.)

Setting Package to NONE will mean the notification is only a title.

  • Handle SIGINT/SIGTERM to cleanly exit

Gives us a chance to e.g. remove FIFO

Thanks to 0strodamus for the report.

  • Some other fixes (see git log for details)

Downloads and whatnot

Thanks to all those who reported bugs or suggested features.

See pkgclip and/or kalu for longer descriptions & all the links you should need.

And of course, as always, new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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