How to simply create a "media pool" on Linux?

Ever since I switched to (Arch) Linux, I've always loved the command line. It can often be quite amazing, I find. Back in the Windows world, you're pretty much expected to forget that such a thing even exists.

Things are different over here (particularly with Arch, I guess), and that's all for the better. Many reasons for that, one being the fantastic simplicity and power that it offers you.

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Posted 9 November 2014

donnatella 0.3.0 released

A new version of donnatella, your GTK3 file manager, is available. A bunch of fixes and improvments/optimizations since 0.2.0, some new things as well, the most "important" ones being the addition of custom properties, and facilities for scripting

Sicne day one, things have been quite configurable in donna, but there was no scripting support. Instead, donna uses commands and lets you combine them as you want, assign them a click or key, etc And when that's not enough? Well, then you script.

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Posted 5 November 2014

donnatella, filters, MRUs, scripts, and GTK+ 3.14!

Yes, GTK+ 3.14 has been out for some time now, and it's even been available in Arch's official repos for a little while as well. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find enough time to work on donna as of late, and I didn't follow GTK's developement closely, so when 3.14 was released I had a few patches to rebase, and some to rewrite completely (think rubber band handling, since the internals are now full of gestures).

But I have some (good) news for you, finally.

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Posted 29 October 2014

kalu, GTK+ 3.14, KDE and pacman 4.2

A quick update regarding all things kalu; As you might have noticed since GTK+ 3.14 hit the official repos, there might be "glitches" due to the latest breakage changes in GTK, notably some icons in menus/buttons being quite oversized.

This, and a few other bugs, has been fixed, however no new version is available yet. This is mainly because the next version is planned to come alongside the next version of pacman (as it introduces API changes, thus requires an upgrade of kalu at the same time).

Worry not, you can simply switch to kalu-git (in the AUR) to benefit from all the fixes, already pushed to branch next since a few days now.

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Posted 28 October 2014

Better pacnew handling with the next kalu

If you've been following development of the next version of pacman, and are using pacman-git, then you weren't able to use kalu; Let's fix that today.

Also, you might already know that some new events have been added into ALPM, notably events when .pac* files are created. This will make it possible/much easier for frontends (such as pacman, or kalu) to know when such files are created.

From a user perspective, it might not change anything as it's all internal changes. However, the next version of kalu will actually take advantage of this, and can thus make your handling of those .pacnew files quite easier.

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Posted 23 July 2014

Now you can script donnatella!

Finally pushed to the branch next on donnatella's github are a few commits, focusing on one thing: allow you to script donnatella!

Since day one, customization has been a big thing in donna, with columns you can create and customize fully, or click modes & key modes that let you decide exactly which commands to trigger and when.

And while you could combine commands, either using the return value of a command as argument for another one, or via special command void(), there was no scripting: no conditions, loops, or the likes.

This was on purpose, because this is Linux, there are already plenty of scripting languages out there, fast, powerful, and known; No need to add one more.

Instead, the plan was always to allow you to "script" donnatella using the language of your choice, and this would be done via a socket to communicate with donnatella.

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Posted 14 July 2014

Fluid time format and custom properties in donnatella

Freshly pushed to the branch next on donnatella's github are a few commits, some fixes and other improvements here and there of course, as well as the introduction of a new time format called "fluid" and some changes regarding custom properties.

First off, the obligatory screenshot that might make everything obvious in seconds:

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Posted 24 May 2014

Show & use any properties you want: donnatella adds custom properties!

Freshly pushed to the branch next on donnatella's github are a few commits, as usual some fixes and other improvements of course, but mainly this is about the addition of "custom properties."

As you may know, in donna everything is a node, and a node has properties. They are the name, size, dates and permissions of your files for example. But sometimes you need more than just those basic properties, and donna will let you use whatever you want...

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Posted 4 May 2014

Columns formats and command exec in donnatella

Freshly pushed to the branch next on donnatella's github are a few commits, some fixes and other improvements here and there of course, as well as the addition of command exec, allowing to execute a command line as a command, and have its output be the command's return value.

We'll see how this can be used, but first as some improvements and fixes were done on column types, let's have a quick look at how columns work in donna.

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Posted 20 April 2014

Hey Archer, when did you install glibc?

Quick question for anyone who's been running Arch Linux for some time now: do you know when you installed glibc ?

This isn't a trick question or anything of the sort. Yes, glibc is a pretty essential package, required by lots of things (directly or not), and you most likely did install it when you installed your system. Remember, back in the days...

But when was it, actually?

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Posted 15 April 2014

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