Version 0.1.5 of kalu released

A new version of kalu - upgrade notifier for Arch Linux - has just been released. Changes since last version are :

  • Now using automake & autoconf. (Hopefully) this shouldn't really change much for most people, but if you don't care for kalu's updater and only want to use kalu as update notifier, you can use option --disable-updater to configure. You'll get a smaller binary, no second binary (kalu-dbus) nor dependency to DBus/PolicyKit.

  • When starting an external process to perform sysupgrade (or AUR upgrade), kalu now waits for the process to end (being "busy" meanwhile), and runs another check right after, to refresh its state.

  • kalu always shipped with a man page, and recently a changelog. Both can both easily be read using menus Help & Change log.

  • Added new option to customize icon used on notification: none, kalu's default, or specifying a file to load the icon from. The icon will be shown full size, so e.g. using /usr/share/pixmaps/kalu.png will uses kalu's icon at 48x48 (if loading icon fails, silently falls back to kalu's default icon).

  • kalu's updater always used /etc/pacman.conf (instead of whatever is set in Preferences), fixed

  • Parsing kalu.conf would report & stop on first error, now it ignores the line, continues parsing, and report all errors (at once)

  • kalu's updater: log messages longer than 1023 characters would be truncated, fixed

  • Other minor fixes

Thanks to all those who reported bugs or suggested features.

kalu is released under GNU GPL v3+ The source code is available on this BitBucket repository, where bugs/suggestions can be added to the issue tracker.

The release tarball can be downloaded here; You can also find a PKGBUILD in the AUR.

And of course new bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.

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